UAW worker solidarity with Alabama Amazon workers voting on union representation

As active and retired autoworkers and other workers covered by UAW contracts, we want to express our solidarity with your democratic right to vote for RWDSU representation at your Amazon workplace in Bessemer, Alabama. We have read about the ceaseless propaganda tactics your employer is using to scare you into continuing with the precarious conditions that maximize profitability and undermine your health and safety.

We realize that your struggle for union representation can be an important tool in your fight for decent working conditions, wages and benefits. We also realize your decision will have implications not only for Amazon workers in other locations, but for other workers in Alabama.

Your victory will help our union and other unions to start winning elections at Southern auto plants and in other industries as they see your method of organizing yourselves and your community as a positive model.

Know that workers around the country—indeed around the world—are watching your struggle and reach out to you with our hands and our hearts!

Here is a solidarity statement from an active UAW reform movement member:
As a worker, you’ll always have your wages, benefits and working conditions in a union or non-union shop. The only difference is having a voice on those important issues. Most workplaces are run like a dictatorship. Having a union brings democracy and a voice to the workers. A seat at the bargaining table. Nothing is perfect in this world, but as workers, we fight for what we need when we stand together United.

Autoworkers Caravan (AWC)